A Closer Look at a Pioneering FIDO2 Solution

A Closer Look at a Pioneering FIDO2 SolutionThe FIDO Alliance’s FIDO2 authentication standard created quite a stir when it was announced this spring, not least because it promised to bring biometric authentication to the world’s most popular web browsers. Now, that kind of functionality is actually starting to take shape, and the first crop of authenticator solutions have received official certification from the FIDO Alliance. So it’s worth taking a moment to consider just what that means by looking closely at one of those solutions.

Samsung SDS’s Nexsign solution is, in many ways, emblematic of today’s cutting-edge authentication systems. Operating on a mobile device, it’s capable of scanning the user’s fingerprints, face, iris, or voice for biometric authentication, and it also features a behavioral biometrics capability – care of BioCatch – that can add a strong extra layer of security to a given user session. It has seen a number of high-profile applications, including its integration into Samsung Pay, e-Bay Korea, and even Thomson Reuters’ news services.

Given its capabilities and its prominence, it’s no wonder that Nexsign was among the first authentication solutions to receive FIDO2 certification from the FIDO Alliance this autumn, alongside other sophisticated solutions from the likes of IBM, Nok Nok Labs, Yahoo Japan, and more. And now that Nexsign can be used for authentication on the major web browsers supporting FIDO2, it’s poised to become an even more prominent authentication solution – and to deliver strong authentication security to many more end users.