Another ActiveIRIS Deployment Among New FPC Integrations

Fingerprint Cards‘ biometric technology is being used in two new smartphones targeting niche markets.

Another ActiveIRIS Deployment Among New FPC IntegrationsOne of the devices comes from Razer, a company focused on offering hardware and software specifically aimed at gamers. Its new Razer Phone features an UltraMotion display offering 120 Hz refresh rates, Dolby ATMOS sound with dual amplifiers, and a 4,000 mAh battery make sure gaming isn’t prematurely interrupted. And if features an FPC1145 fingerprint sensor mounted on its side.

FPC’s technology is also being used in the BitVault, a device offering a strong emphasis on security, and featuring preloaded cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. The device features not only an FPC1028 fingerprint sensor, but also FPC’s ActiveIRIS iris recognition technology.

That makes the BitVault the second smartphone to incorporate both FPC’s fingerprint sensor and iris recognition technology, with news of the integrations arriving in the same week that FPC said these technologies are being used in a new device from an unnamed Japanese OEM. (BitVault’s makers are based in Ireland and India.) FPC’s unveiling of its ActiveIRIS technology was one of the highlights of its ‘Technology Update’ delivered this week, and these early integrations of the technology suggest that it could prove popular going forward, perhaps especially in multimodal deployments.