Apple to Launch New-ish Devices September 9

Apple to Launch New-ish Devices September 9Apple is preparing to launch a bunch of new devices at a media event on September 9, report sources close to the company. The word “new” is used a bit loosely here, as the planned devices are mostly upgraded iterations of previous products.

These new iterations include the iPhone 6S, the iPad Pro, and a revamped Apple TV system. None are expected to be functionally different from their predecessors, but the all feature improvements; the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus are going to employ Force Touch displays capable of measuring pressure from users’ fingers, the iPad Pro will have an extra-large screen, and the Apple TV better remote control as well as Siri voice command functionality. All of the new devices will run on iOS 9.

One of the most interesting potential developments will be in how the company positions its new products in the growing Internet of Things. The new operating system is said to place a strong focus on compatibility and interaction with connected devices, with some speculating that it will put the iPhone at the center of the smart home. Apple has, as usual, remained reticent about what it has in store, but as usual many in the industry will be keen to see what it has up its sleeve on September 9th.