New AR-Based Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Offers Living Room Check-Ups

New AR-Based Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Offers Living Room Check-UpsSameDay Security, also known as the “Electronic Caregiver Company”, has announced a new virtual assistant for remote care based on conversational AI and Augmented Reality technology.

Called Addison, the virtual assistant is designed to essentially appear in a healthcare patient’s home, thanks to its AR functionality. What’s more, the avatar can use biometric technology to perform a virtual check-up: Using facial recognition, Addison can identify and greet the patient; and it can also conduct “a comprehensive gait and balance session to determine the probability of a ground level fall”, according to a statement announcing the solution.

The solution will require an elaborate setup of wireless sensors and other devices in a given patient’s home, but SameDay Security says it is working with partners in the home care industry to deliver the solution for end users. First, though, the company has teamed up with G60 Trauma, an Arizona-based firm offering specialized care for trauma patients over 60 years of age, which will trial the Addison in a study involving more than 500 patients, which should help to provide SameDay Security with valuable data that can be used to improve the platform.

In the meantime, SameDay Security says it will showcase the Addison solution at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show, which could help to drum up interest as G60 Trauma’s study proceeds. CES 2019 will run from January 8th to 11th, with SameDay Security to demonstrate Addison from booth 42142.