B-Secur to Unveil ‘HeartKey’ Tech at Pre-CES Event

“[HeartKey] is designed to confirm a user’s identity based on cardiac biometrics.”

B-Secure to Unveil 'HeartKey' Tech at Pre-CES Event

With this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) about to get underway, B-Secur is seeking to get out front with a showcase of its cardiac biometrics technologies at a pre-show event.

Organized by promoter Pepcom, the annual ‘Digital Experience!’ event is scheduled for the evening before the first day of CES. It revolves around demos of participating companies’ products, and Pepcom says that this year’s event is expected to feature over a thousand media representatives.

That offers B-Secur an opportunity to showcase its HeartKey solution, which is designed to confirm a user’s identity based on cardiac biometrics. In a statement announcing the ‘official introduction’ of its EKG-based algorithm solutions, B-Secur said that HeartKey “will soon be available in vehicles, top fitness trackers and smart wear of the future” thanks to partnerships with Cypress Semiconductor, NXP Semiconductors, and Analog Devices, the latter of which having teamed up with B-Secur last summer.

B-Secur added that its biometric technology “can detect potentially dangerous changes in heart rate and rhythm, stress levels, fatigue, respiration and atrial fibrillation,” and noted that it can be used not only for wellness and fitness tracking but also for continuous, passive user authentication.

Pepcom’s ‘Digital Experience!’ event is slated to run from 7:00pm to 10:30pm on January 7th, while CES itself is slated to go from January 8th to 11th.