BioID and Branddocs Produce ‘Face-to-Face Digital Signing’

BioID and Branddocs Produce 'Face-to-Face Digital Signing'Branddocs, an eDocuments specialist based in Spain and Latin America, has announced a new partnership with biometric authentication developer BioID. The partnership will see the latter’s biometric authentication technology integrated into Branddocs’ eIDAS Cloud Solutions platform.

Basically, Branddocs is going to use BioID’s facial recognition and liveness detection technology for digital signatures on its eDocuments. The company is calling it ‘face-to-face digital signing’, and will be marketing the solution to the banking, government, and enterprise sectors.

In a press release, BioID CEO Ho Chang explained that digital document signing is becoming “increasingly common, particularly in legal or financial matters” and emphasized the importance of “trusted user identity” in such applications. To that end, Branddocs CEO Saioa Echebarria explained, the companies’ solution offers “strong, fraud-resistant identity proofing that is as natural and reliable as signing face-to-face.”

The eSignatures market does appear to be growing as such technology rises in popularity, with other companies such as Wacom and ElevenPaths aiming their own offerings at a similar range of sectors. For its part BioID’s technology has been incorporated into another platform before, and that experience could prove valuable in its new partnership with Branddocs.