ElevenPaths to Showcase Authentication, eSignature Solutions at MWC

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225Digital security company ElevenPaths, in partnership with Spanish telecom company Telefónica, S.A., has announced two new security solutions that they’ll be showcasing at the Mobile World Congress 2015. Dubbed SmartID and SealSign respectively, both new solutions prominently feature biometric security.

SmartID is a user authentication system designed both for apps and physical equipment. The system uses a combination of biometric analysis (via fingerprint scanning, or voice or face recognition), a physical smart device such as an identification card or a mobile device, and a password or PIN. The multi-factor system can also be used with ElevenPaths’ Latch system, which the company says “minimises the exposure time of personal data” online.

The other major new solution, SealSign, is an eSignature platform that is compatible with OTP and biometric systems. The company says that the solution uses “behavioural biometry”, and when combined with other kinds of biometric systems it could offer a more secure means of payment authorization and other such applications.

ElevenPaths seems to be taking a cue from security experts such as those affiliated with the FIDO Alliance in these solutions, given their adherence to multi-factor principles. It’s also wise of the company to offer solutions adaptable to multiple platforms. As mobile commerce takes off around the world, there could be increasing demand strong authentication systems like SmartID; meanwhile, the eSignature market shows potential, particularly in the medical field as the mobile revolution, together with biometric technology, drives an upwards trend in remote care.