Biometric BYOD Deployment From SutiSoft

Thanks to Apple’s Touch ID for iPhone 5S and the resulting press surrounding it, mobility and biometrics are entering a period of renewed interest now that the maker of Mac has given their complicated relationship a shot in the arm. Fingerprint Cards AB went on record with exactly how rejuvenated it thinks this relationship has become, predicting that three billion biometric enabled smartphones will be in the hands of the public before the end of 2015.

It’s with this spirit of optimism that SutiSoft is making a move on biometrics powered BYOD, announcing today that it has been selected by Mahindra Finance to supply its BioPass enterprise solution all across its branches, allowing for scalable authentication that is up to the financial services provider’s high standards.

Available in enterprise level and local level sizes, BioPass can allow users to store fingerprint or digital signature information in their mobile device for later use, but can also be scaled up to a system-level solution for wide spread authentication across 32 and 64 bit configurations.

The solution operates not only with fingerprint verification but also incorporates an algorithm to dynamically authenticate signatures based on 15 reference points including speed, pressure and style. This is a big step for SutiSoft, who claims that this is the first large scale deployment of its kind, bringing mobile biometric authentication to Mahindra.