4Stop Integrates Jumio’s Identity Verification Technology

Biometrics News - 4Stop Integrates Jumio's Identity Verification Technology

The German compliance and fraud prevention company 4Stop has bolstered its platform with Jumio’s identity verification technology. The two companies have formed an integrated partnership that will allow 4Stop customers to take advantage of Jumio’s tech and meet the latest Know-Your-Customer requirements.

“Jumio is a global leader and innovator in AI-powered identity verification,” said 4Stop CEO Ingo Ernst. “We are thrilled that our clients can easily leverage Jumio’s premium verification technology with minimal to zero impact on their business operations.”

4Stop’s platform consolidates a range of information and data management services into a single hub and secures them with the latest KYC, KYB, and anti-fraud technology. Jumio, meanwhile, is an identity and document verification specialist. The company’s award-winning onboarding technology matches a selfie against a photo ID with liveness detection to allow companies to verify the identities of new users in a way that is compliant with Strong Customer Authentication standards and PSD2 regulations.

“Partnering with 4Stop is a natural fit to offer a top-notch identity verification solution to businesses that prioritize KYC compliance, fraud detection and streamlined user experience,” said Jumio Partnerships Head Stephen Kearney.

Jumio recently released Jumio Go, a fully automated version of its biometric onboarding platform, and also updated the speed and accuracy of its various identification services. Earlier this month, the Filipino remittance company I-Remit deployed Jumio Identity Verification so safeguard its IREMITX digital channel.