Aware Provides Knomi Authentication for Multiple Latin American Banks

Aware Provides Knomi Authentication for Multiple Latin American Banks

Aware, Inc. is expanding its presence in Latin America. The technology specialist is now providing biometric authentication for a slew of leading banks throughout the region.

The company did not disclose the names or number of its current partners, but indicated that they had all integrated Aware’s Knomi authentication platform into their mobile banking apps. Knomi offers facial recognition backed up with reliable liveness detection, which will enable secure password-free logins for customers logging into their mobile banking accounts.

According to Aware, its new banking partners provide financial services for tens of millions of people throughout Latin America. The multimodal Knomi platform also supports voice recognition.

“Knomi delivers government-grade software that banks of this size require to scale biometric authentication to millions of users,” said Aware President and CEO Bob Eckel. 

The news should help Aware reverse the trend in in some of its recent quarterly reports, which displayed revenues that were lower than expected. At the time, Aware indicated that Knomi would be an essential component of its business moving forward.

In the meantime, Aware has also been shaking things up at the executive level. The company has announced a new Chief Executive Officer, a new Chief Technology Officer, and a new Chief Commercial Officer in the past few months alone.

Aware recently published a white paper that highlighted the potential applications of biometric technology in connected cars.