Ping Identity Upgrades MFA Platform to Support FIDO Authentication

Ping Identity Upgrades MFA Platform to Support FIDO Authentication

Ping Identity is upgrading its enterprise-level multi-factor authentication platform to be compliant with the latest FIDO standards. PingID will soon support FIDO-certified authentication methods for Windows Hello and Touch ID, allowing users to log into their devices through facial or fingerprint recognition without the need for a password.

Windows users will also be able to log in with Yubikeys and other FIDO-grade security keys, as well as OATH tokens.

“Hackers are evolving their tactics to access accounts and steal data every single day, and it’s our responsibility to come up with innovative and reliable ways to assess risk before access is granted, and block access when warranted,” said Ping Chief Product Officer Steve Shoaff.

In addition to the improved FIDO capabilities, the PingID update will allow customers to configure their one-time passcode procedures to set limits on the number of attempts per passcode. The feature is intended to reduce the threat of fraud that results from phishing or stolen credentials. To that end, PingID also introduces risk assessment that can block access requests from a suspicious location or IP address trying to gain access to corporate materials.

Earlier this year, Ping Identity released a report suggesting that IT professionals are concerned about enterprise data security, while a previous report detailed the damage that breaches can do to a company’s brand. PingID is being pitched as a potential solution to both problems, especially now that the platform will offer FIDO functionality.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)