Nymi Teams Up with MES Provider POMS

Biometrics News - Nymi Teams Up with MES Provider POMS

Nymi has announced a new partnership with POMS Corporation, allowing POMSnet users to take advantage of the Nymi solution for authentication and e-signing in POMSnet Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Toronto-based Nymi has seen rapid growth in the popularity of its Nymi Band in the pharmaceutical industry since securing $15 million in series-B funding in 2017.

The Nymi Band uses sensors embedded within it to measure the users’ cardiac biometrics, using the data to create a signature unique to the wearer. The data can then be used as an identifier for a form of passive authentication. Users wearing the band can simply double-tap on it as a way to sign in to a secure system. The application of the band can save a lot of time in an industry where authentication is often required several times in a working day.

POMS, based out of Washington DC, is an MES provider that counts five of the world’s ten largest pharmaceutical companies among its clients.

“We see a huge efficiency gain for our customers. We’ve found that on average, an electronic e-signature can take 10-15 seconds when it’s done correctly and much longer if it’s not done correctly. If you look at this from the perspective of hundreds of e-signatures a day, Nymi is going to be able to help our customers cut this time down and be more secure and productive at the same time,” says Darrell Tanner, Director, Sales and Consulting Services at POMS.

Nymi already has a strong presence in the pharmaceutical industry, working with the top one hundred manufacturers. Their partnership with POMS is a natural fit.

“POMS has been a proactive and focused partner,” said Andrew Foxcroft, Vice President at Nymi. “Their customers can expect to experience significant benefits out of this partnership. This includes delivery and rapid implementation to the integration of its core platform.” 

This latest announcement from Nymi comes only a few weeks after they announced a partnership with ThinManager, a Remote Desktop Server software management suite designed for modern factories.