BRIEF: The Continued Ascent of FIDO Authentication Standards

The FIDO Alliance‘s authentication standards have enjoyed a rising profile in recent years and months, and their upward trajectory shows no signs of abating, especially in the wake of major data breaches like the recent Equifax fiasco.BRIEF: The Continued Ascent of FIDO Authentication Standards Security professionals, business leaders, and everyday consumers are becoming increasingly aware of new and emerging digital threats; at the same time, FIDO-based security solutions are becoming more readily available than ever.

Here’s how:

The FIDO product ecosystem continues to expand:

FIDO Certified Ecosystem Approaches 400 Products

… While partners are further extending the reach of FIDO standards:

Raonsecure to Extend Reach of FIDO Biometric Authentication via New Partnership Enables FIDO U2F Security Key Support

They’re also spreading online:

FIDO U2F Support Enters Firefox Development Pipeline

Meanwhile, regulations are incentivizing FIDO adoption in Europe:

FIDO Standards Can Help Financial Firms Meet PSD2 Requirements

YubiKeys Offer Simple, Affordable Solution for GDPR Compliance

And FIDO standards keep evolving, helping partners to keep up with the evolving security landscape:

FIDO Announces Proposed Standard for U2F 1.2