British Banks Slowly Accepting Apple Pay

Apple PayBritish banks are slowly coming around to Apple Pay. While most of the country’s major banks have already formally announced their cooperation with Apple’s mPayment service, there has been some foot-dragging in actually implementing Apple Pay functionality, and Lloyds has thus far remained recalcitrant.

That appears to be changing now as, according to Business Insider, British customers are finding they can add their Lloyds cards to the Apple Pay Wallet, though there are also reports from other Lloyds customers that they still can’t accept the Apple Pay terms and conditions. Meanwhile, major UK banks Halifax and Barclays are saying that Apple Pay support is on its way, even as others have gone ahead with the service.

Leading up to Apple Pay’s UK launch in July, it was Barclays that was the notorious holdout, perhaps due to its hard work developing its own contactless payment solutions. And while it did eventually sign on, that formality may not have necessarily put an end to the bank’s antipathy toward the disruptive payment service.

This kind of hostility can also be seen in Australia, whose major banks are vigorously trying to defend their market share in negotiations with Apple Pay. Still, its rollout has proceeded pretty smoothly in other major markets such as the US, where it continues to garner support, and sooner or later those British banks are going to have to move ahead on their commitments.

Source: Business Insider