CES Asia to Put Athletic Wearables in Spotlight

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is putting sports and fitness technology in the spotlight at this year’s CES Asia event in Shanghai next month.

CES Asia to Put Athletic Wearables in SpotlightThe organization has been doing some market research, and predicts that fitness tracker volumes will rise by about 12 percent this year in the US market, reaching 17.4 million units and revenues of up to $1.3 billion. As such, the CTA has organized a panel discussion entitled “IoT Smart Living Summit: Wearables: The New Consumer Electronic Market Leader”, which will feature health, medical, and environmental experts.

Commenting in a statement, CES SVP Karen Chupka suggested that a range of devices from “wearables that track blood pressure, oxygen levels and activity, to smart biometric clothing, these devices now work alongside consumers to maximize fitness potential.”

The attention planned at CES Asia continues the momentum that biometric wearables had picked up ahead of and during CES 2016, which featured wearables-focused marketplaces, a technologically-enhanced fashion showcase, and even a surprise offering from L’Oréal. And with the sports applications of wearables also starting to pick up speed, the CTA has good reason to highlight such devices during CES Asia 2016.