Chipotle App Upgrade Supports Biometric Security

Chipotle’s Android app now supports fingerprint scanning, reports Android Police.

Chipotle App Upgrade Supports Biometric Security

It’s an ordering and payment app, and as such users need to upload their payment card information. With such sensitive data stored on the app, the integration of fingerprint-based security should help to assure users of the app’s security.

It’s a move that takes advantage of Android Marshmallow’s native fingerprint sensor support, and while not all devices running the OS will feature the requisite scanners, there is a growing roster of devices supporting the capability. The move also resembles the kind of security found on major mPayment platforms like Apple Pay, which uses fingerprint scanning for payment verification.

It should come as a welcome improvement for the niche demographic of Chipotle fans who use the app to order food via their sensor-equipped Android devices. The upgraded app also now features a streamlined checkout process and the ability to add payment cards simply by taking pictures of them.

Source: Android Police