Danish Acquirer Expands Apple Pay Support in Nordic Region

New backing from Clearhaus is expanding the the availability of Apple Pay across the Nordic region.Danish Acquirer Expands Apple Pay Support in Nordic Region

The Danish company describes itself as an “acquirer”, meaning it collects and pays out funds sent from customers to online merchants. Clearhaus says that together with its payment service provider partner QuickPay, it is bringing support for Apple Pay to over 5,000 online merchants in the region.

Apple Pay launched in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden last October, and thereafter received the support of major banks including Nordea, Jyske Bank, Edenred, N26, and ST1. Commenting in a statement, a Jyske Bank spokesperson said the firm’s “focus has been on an easy, quick, and efficient journey for the customer,” and asserted, “This is also reflected in the number of customers who have adopted the service.”

The expansion of support is part of what appears to be a larger upwards trend in mobile payments, with signs of growth across numerous services beyond Apple Pay. Apple’s platform is no slouch, however, with Apple Pay head Jennifer Bailey having reported earlier this year that in the US the platform is now accepted by half of the country’s retailers.