Egis Joins FIDO Board of Directors

Egis Joins FIDO Board of DirectorsFingerprint sensor company Egis has joined the FIDO Alliance’s board of directors. Egis has been a member of the authentication consortium since 2013.

It’s a natural progression, given the company’s involvement in FIDO and the industry more broadly. Egis was one of the first Asia-based companies to support the FIDO Alliance, and as a member has been indispensable in promoting the organization’s goals in the region. In a statement announcing the board appointment, FIDO Alliance director Brett McDowell said “Egis has been a true contributor to the success of FIDO Alliance, and I enthusiastically welcome Egis to our board of directors.”

For Egis’ part, CEO Steve Ro pointed to the influence his company will be able to wield as a board member. “With our influence and background,” he said, “we are proud to become a board member of the FIDO Alliance and continue to develop simpler and more secure authentication solutions that over time can eliminate the reliance on passwords.”

Board appointment aside, Egis is a prominent player in the biometrics industry. It was one of the first companies to have UAF and U2F products certified by FIDO, and offers a number of secure authentication devices including the YuKey SmartBand and the YuKey USB U2F dongle, which uses Egis’ advanced EH570 fingerprint sensor. The company is also showcasing its technology at this week’s MWC Shanghai conference.