Essential PH-1 Features FPC Sensor

A high-profile new smartphone brand is using Fingerprint Cards technology in its debut device.

Essential PH-1 Features FPC SensorCalled Essential, the smartphone company was started by Android co-founder Andy Rubin. His aim was to develop a new Android smartphone that put a strong focus on craftsmanship and did away with a lot of the superfluous features found on many contemporary mobile devices. The result is the Essential PH-1, a device featuring a 360° camera, a full-size display, and a design combining titanium, ceramic, and Gorilla Glass to ensure the phone is highly resistant to drops, shocks, scratches, and even fire.

Like almost all contemporary smartphones, the Essential PH-1 also features a fingerprint sensor; and like many, the hardware comes from Fingerprint Cards. It’s an FPC1235, the same sensor model used in the Meitu M8 smartphone launched earlier this summer.

With its focus on hardware refinement and its durability, the Essential PH-1 appears to offer a strong showcase for FPC’s technology that could stand out among many more routine smartphone integrations if the PH-1 proves to be a market hit.

Sources: Fingerprint Cards, Android Headlines