EyeLock Gets Approval For Mobile Iris Scanning Patent

EyeLock has received approval for a patent detailing a method of making mobile iris scanning more effective.

EyeLock Gets Approval For Mobile Iris Scanning PatentThe system described essentially revolves around the capture of several images of a given user with a smartphone camera, with EyeLock software automatically selecting the highest-quality images for iris scanning. Thus the system could be used to conserve memory on a mobile device, since only the highest-quality images are needed, and could counteract the issues of blinking and motion blur.

This piece of intellectual property – US Patent No. 9,626,563 – is EyeLock’s 46th issued patent, coming on the heels of another patent pertaining to iris scanning announced earlier this month. The patent approvals come at a time of growing excitement over mobile iris scanning, with Samsung helping to pioneer its mainstream popularity with its newest flagship smartphones.