FCA Opts for Cerence Drive in Latest Version of In-Car Voice Platform

FCA Opts for Cerence Drive in Latest Version of Uconnect In-Car Voice Platform

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has become the latest car manufacturer to adopt Cerence Drive. The voice recognition solution has been integrated into Uconnect 5, the most recent version of FCA’s Uconnect in-car infotainment platform.

Uconnect 5 will be deployed across FCA’s entire product line, allowing drivers to use the brand of their vehicle as the wake word for the voice assistant. For example, a Jeep driver could activate the system with “Hey, Jeep,” while a Dodge driver could do the same with “Hey, Dodge.” After that, the driver can issue verbal commands to ask Uconnect 5 to carry out tasks like navigation. The Cerence Drive voice recognition engine uses natural language understanding to deliver a user interface with more conversational capabilities.

“The Uconnect experience remains one of the most forward-looking multimedia and infotainment systems on the market today, and the latest updates are a significant step forward for FCA,” said Cerence CEO Sanjay Dhawan. “We are incredibly proud of our long-term partnership with FCA and are committed to continuing our work together to design, develop and implement advanced, conversational voice recognition in the car.”

The news indicates that FCA is one of the many car manufacturers that maintained its relationship with Cerence after the company’s spinoff from Nuance Communications. FCA had previously deployed Nuance’s Dragon Drive platform in Fiat vehicles. FCA has also announced that its new smart cars will feature eSIM technology from IDEMIA.

Mercedes-Benz and the Geely Auto Group are some of the other car companies that have reaffirmed their partnerships with Cerence in the past few months.