Fiat Chrysler Deploys IDEMIA’s eSIM Tech in New Connected Cars

Fiat Chrysler Deploys IDEMIA's eSIM Tech in New Connected Cars

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has formally integrated IDEMIA’s eSIM technology into its latest generation of connected vehicles. The partnership will give FCA more flexibility when choosing a mobile connectivity provider in each region around the world.

To that end, FCA will specifically be taking advantage of IDEMIA’s DAKOTA eSIM tech and its Smart Connect Subscription Manager platform. DAKOTA will allow FCA to use the same connectivity components in multiple regions, which will in turn streamline the company’s manufacturing operations and enable remote software updates that can be introduced regardless of locale. It will also make it easier to develop solutions that meet the security regulations in different countries. 

Smart Connect, meanwhile, will help FCA manage and monitor its eSIM activity. The technology will be used to deliver a variety of connected services, including emergency calls, insurance, and predictive maintenance. IDEMIA indicated that the services are already operational in FCA vehicles.

“Our partnership with FCA showcases our high-tech expertise,” said IDEMIA Biometric Devices and Automotive Executive VP Yves Portalier. “The fact that car makers turn to IDEMIA to support them in addressing connectivity needs shows that we are a trusted partner.”

FCA is not the only company currently taking advantage of IDEMIA’s Smart Connect capabilities. The Japanese Telecom KDDI adopted the Smart Connect platform in November, while Voiceworks deployed it to bring eSIM services to businesses in the Netherlands back in August. Portugal’s NOS Comunicaçöes is also an IDEMIA eSIM customer.

The news comes shortly after IDEMIA brought on David Desharnais as the company’s new Chief Digital Product Officer, and it continues the company’s strong performance in recent months. Frost & Sullivan selected IDEMIA as its Global Biometrics Company of the Year for 2019, while IDEMIA deployed its Motion Code tech in a new credit card for the Spanish market.