Voiceworks Brings IDEMIA’s eSIM Platform to the Netherlands

Voiceworks Brings IDEMIA's eSIM Platform to the Netherlands

IDEMIA is teaming up with Voiceworks to deliver eSIM functionality to the Netherlands. The partnership specifically concerns IDEMIA’s Smart Connect eSIM subscription management platform, which will now be available to Dutch businesses through the Voiceworks reseller network.

The Smart Connect Platform is the first eSIM management solution to make its way to the Dutch market. The Platform allows companies to monitor and manage an entire network of connected devices from one remote location, enabling businesses to leverage existing eSIM technology while simplifying their digital corporate infrastructure.

“Businesses benefit from an always-connected workforce that needs to be in touch with their colleagues, customers, and business tools,” said IDEMIA Executive VP for Mobile Operators Fabien Jautard. “IDEMIA is pleased to implement our eSIM subscription management technology to offer a seamless, digital experience to the Dutch market.”

The deal makes Voiceworks the first company to offer eSIM subscription management services in the Netherlands. For IDEMIA, it’s yet another indication of the growing importance of its eSIM portfolio. The company has already forged partnerships with MobileIron and NOS, the latter of which is the first mobile operator to offer eSIM services in Portugal.

IDEMIA has previously highlighted the benefits of eSIM technology through its collaboration with Microsoft, arguing that it will improve the utility of mobile devices for end users.