Fingerprint Cards Tech Featured in Trio of New OPPO Devices

OPPO has launched three new smartphones, and they all feature fingerprint sensors from Fingerprint Cards.Fingerprint Cards Tech Featured in Trio of New OPPO Devices

The highest-profile new integration is in the F9, a new smartphone that offers extremely fast charging as its key selling point, with OPPO claiming the phone can support two hours of talk on a five-minute charge. It also features a dual rear camera system and a 25MP front-facing camera, and, for its biometric security, an FPC1229 fingerprint sensor. This sensor model is also used in the premium version of this device, the OPPO F9 Pro.

This sensor model is also featured in the OPPO Realme 2, a budget-friendly device aimed exclusively at the India market. The Realme 2 features 13MP and 2MP cameras, and is priced at about $155.

In announcing the new integrations, Fingerprint Cards noted that another of its fingerprint sensors, the FPC1228, was also featured in the OPPO F7 launched earlier this year, also targeted at the Indian market. Together, all these integrations suggest OPPO has been very satisfied with FPC’s technology – a good sign for the sensor maker in what is now a highly saturated mobile biometrics market.

Sources: GSMArena, Gadgets360

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