FPC and Digi-Key Bring Fingerprint Biometrics to IoT Devices

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has teamed up with Digi-Key Electronics in an effort to expand the customer base for its BM-Lite fingerprint module. The BM-Lite debuted in November, and provides equipment manufacturers with the hardware and software needed to enable fingerprint authentication on their IoT devices.  

Biometrics News - FPC and Digi-Key Bring Fingerprint Biometrics to IoT Devices

Digi-Key, meanwhile, is an international online distributor. FPC is hoping it will be able to open new markets and generate new business opportunities now that the BM-Lite is in stock and shipping through the Digi-Key platform.

“This is a step for us to be able to scale and reach new verticals that require additional sales channels to drive business,” said FPC Payments & Access SVP Michel Roig. “Digi-Key will help us reach out and find new potential markets and application areas.” 

“Digi-Key now offers customers an easy path to develop secure devices with integrated capacitive fingerprint sensor technology,” added Digi-Key Global Supplier Management VP David Stein.

So far, the BM-Lite has proven to be popular in India, where it has been deployed in a new biometric door lock from Fueb Labs and a biometric padlock from Aran Tecnovation. It has also appeared in the ByteSeal smart card from Elementik Technologies.

More recently, FPC has turned its attention to payment cards, noting that biometric technology can facilitate higher payment caps for contactless transactions.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)