FPC Tech May Be in Samsung’s Galaxy A10s Phone

Biometrics News - FPC Circles Samsung's Galaxy A10 Phone

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has issued a somewhat vague statement on the fingerprint sensor in Samsung’s recently unveiled Galaxy A10s smartphone. The new phone features a rear-mounted sensor, which may or may not be Fingerprint Cards tech.

So why the ambiguity? FPC’s statement indicates that while Samsung ordered (and FPC delivered) fingerprint sensors for the Galaxy A10s, there’s a chance that Samsung may have used technology from another provider for the final version of the A10s. Either way, FPC will detail the business impact of the will-they-or-won’t-they deal during a future financial report.

In the meantime, FPC revealed that it is developing new technology that could be used in a future Samsung smartphone. That suggests that the two companies are indeed searching for new ways to collaborate, even if FPC’s sensors weren’t the right fit for this particular Galaxy model.

FPC has previously provided fingerprint sensors for Samsung Notebooks, but is yet to capture a significant portion of Samsung’s smartphone business. The latest press release implies that the company is hoping to change that, and could be close to adding some future Galaxy models to its extensive smartphone portfolio.