Galaxy S7 Devices Feature Embedded Sensory Speech Recognition Tech

Samsung has licensed Sensory Inc.’s TrulyHandsfree technology for its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. The integration brings embedded speech recognition to the flagship devices.

Galaxy S7 Devices Feature Embedded Sensory Speech Recognition TechThat includes when the smartphones are offline; TrulyHandsfree’s speech recognition will allow voice-based interaction with the devices even without an internet connection. It also enables effective voice activation of the devices, online or off.

The integration actually continues a longstanding partnership between the companies, with Sensory having having provided speech recognition technology for Samsung devices since 2011, with the Galaxy S2. Commenting in a statement, Sensory CEO Todd Mozer lauded his company’s partner, asserting that “Samsung became the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer by offering the best features and best user experience and Sensory is proud to help make that experience possible.”

With this latest integration, Sensory becomes even more prominent as a high-end speech recognition technology provider, having recently announced a deal to brings its embedded tech to Intel’s system-on-chip offerings, an agreement that could see TrulyHandsfree pop up in a wide range of Internet of Things devices.