Gemalto IoT Connectivity Module Gets Verizon Certification

Gemalto‘s Cinterion IoT module has now been certified by Verizon.

Gemalto IoT Connectivity Module Gets Verizon CertificationThe Cinterion IoT solution is a low-power wide-are wireless connectivity solution, enabling efficient 4G network connections. Following a similar module for machine-to-machine communications launched near the start of 2016 – a solution that also received Verizon certification – the new Cat M1 IoT solution is meant to bring this technology to a range of consumer-facing devices and systems, from vending machines to security systems.

The solution also features an embedded SIM allowing for remote provisioning. That means that there is no need to physically remove the SIM card from a given device in order to change its network settings; it can all be managed electronically and over-the-air. That feature could prove essential in convincing device makers that its time for their products to go online.

Summarizing the offering in a statement, Gemalto IoT Products EVP Andreas Haegele that the “Cinterion LTE-M platform blends efficient connectivity and streamlined design to enable and accelerate new IoT applications and improve Total Cost of Ownership.”

The solution could prove increasingly popular with the continuing emergence of the Internet of Things, and could prove a boon to Gemalto as the company seeks to transition away from its removable SIM business activities, which have seen a rapid decline.