Gogoro Launches Scooter-Sharing GoShare App in Taiwan

The smart scooter company Gogoro is expanding with a new ride sharing app designed specifically for smart cities. The new app is called GoShare, and will launch in the Taiwanese city of Taoyuan in August.

“Cities have proven consumer demand for mobility sharing, but few have established ongoing viability because of the operational inefficiencies in refueling and redeployment of shared vehicles,” said Gogoro Founder and CEO Horace Luke. “GoShare is an optimized platform that is easy for riders to use, more sustainable to operate and more viable for cities.”

To use the GoShare app, riders must first create an account by uploading their driver’s license and payment information. The app then uses facial recognition for authentication. Once registration is complete, users will be able to access the Gogoro Network and reserve one of the company’s scooters.

The Gogoro Network will have information about the remaining battery life of its vehicles, while riders can manually swap the batteries on the scooters themselves to extend the length of their ride. The green optimization is a key selling point of Gogoro’s platform.

“Air pollution and carbon reductions are critical issues in urban management,” said Taoyuan Mayor Wen-Tsan Cheng. “We hope GoShare can pave a way to a more extensive, more convenient urban transportation system for our residents.”

Gogoro is not the only company trying to make ride sharing more efficient. HyreCar recently teamed with Mitek to improve customer onboarding. The rental car company Hertz has also integrated fingerprint and facial recognition into its refurbished mobile app.