Goodix CEO Outlines Plans for Growth in 2016

Goodix CEO Outlines Plans for Growth in 2016The CEO of a China-based user interface solutions company has high expectations for the future. Speaking to EE Times China, Goodix’s David Zhang outlined some of the company’s plans for the coming months and years, and it appears to be aiming high.

Looking to the long term, Zhang sees a bright future for Goodix’s under-glass fingerprint sensors, which will ultimately make fingerprint scanning possible “with various fingers anywhere on the screen”. But as for the near future, the CEO asserted that Goodix is currently developing “low-power sensors like heart rate-detection sensors”, which the company will show off at next year’s Mobile World Congress. The company is evidently aiming for a stronger presence in wearables, where “low power consumption is key,” Zhang said.

Commenting on the challenges of debugging mPayment applications, Zhang described a balancing act between meeting the usability demands of mobile phone makers and the security demands of banks, and asserted that while Goodix aims “to be neutral and cooperative,” the company “will not support the trusted execution environment (TEE) standard.” That having been said, Zhang asserted “we can do whatever our customers demand.”

Zhang concluded the interview with further indications of how Goodix is striving to stay competitive. In its production process, for example, the company started making fingerprint sensors with through silicon via (TSV) technology, but plans to switch to quad flat no-leads (QFN) packaging next year, which Zhang expects to “significantly reduce costs.” Goodix is also working on pressure-sensitive chips now, allowing for systems like Apple’s 3D Touch, and expects to have them ready in Q1 of 2016.

These are all ambitious aims, and indicate that Goodix plans to be a top competitor in the sensor technology market in 2016.

Source: EE Times China