Goodix Provides Fingerprint Authentication System for Lynk & Co Connected Car

Goodix Provides Fingerprint Authentication System for Lynk & Co Connected Car

Goodix has placed its in-car fingerprint authentication system in the Lynk & Co 05. The new coupe SUV is the first commercial deployment for the Goodix smart car solution.

The Goodix system offers one-touch identity verification to support a more personal and more secure driving experience. Fingerprint recognition will ensure that only authorized individuals will be able to open locks and gain access to the trunk and glove compartment, and it will also facilitate the delivery of other smart car features. For example, the car will automatically adjust the mirrors, seats, and the air conditioning based on the preset preferences of the driver.

The system can store multiple user profiles for shared vehicles, and fingerprint authentication can be used to log into the infotainment system. Goodix indicated that it plans to expand the system to support more in-car applications (including car alarms) in the future.

“Automobile intelligence is a rising trend,” said Goodix CTO Bo Pi. “Together we will deliver more secure, convenient, and intelligent driving experiences to global consumers.”

The Goodix system meets the latest AEC-Q100 and IATF 16949 reliability standards. The company previously showcased its smart car dashboard at the Aspara Conference in September.

Goodix itself is best known for its in-display fingerprint sensor, which has appeared in a slew of different smartphones in the past few months. However, the company has been working to widen its IoT portfolio in anticipation of commercial 5G networks.