ICICI Remittance Transfer App Features Biometric Security

ICICI, India’s biggest private sector bank, has launched a new mobile app for remittance transfers that features biometric security.

ICICI Remittance Transfer App Features Biometric SecurityThe app is called Money2India, or M2I, and is aimed at non-resident Indians (NRIs). It’s designed to let users perform money transfers in just a few clicks for frequent transactions, and it also allows for bill payments with more than 100 organizations including phone, insurance, and mobile services providers.

Bolstering the convenience is the app’s biometric login option, available for both iOS and Android users. Given that the app is aimed at delivering convenience and ease of use, many users will likely appreciate being able to log in via fingerprint scan – especially given the familiarity of fingerprint authentication to Indians thanks to the country’s Aadhaar national ID program, whose biometric component is used across a growing range of services for authentication against the national database.

The M2I app launches alongside a new website that also allows users to perform more standard online banking actions through their ICICI accounts.