IDEX Sensor for Dual-Interface Biometric Cards Successfully Integrated by JINCO

“JINCO is a leading smart card integration pioneer and we are very proud that they have chosen to integrate our fingerprint sensor into their dual-interface biometric cards.” -Stan Swearingen, CEO, IDEX

IDEX has announced successful integrations of its fingerprint sensor technology by its partner JINCO Universal.IDEX Sensor for Dual-Interface Biometric Cards Successfully Integrated by JINCO

Based in Taiwan, JINCO offers sophisticated smart card solutions including products featuring one-time password displays, Bluetooth connectivity, and RFID support. The company was founded in 2005, but it was 2017 that became the company’s ‘breakthrough year’, when it became a supplier for the Taxi service in Istanbul, Woori Bank in Korea, and the United Nations. All of those clients selected JINCO Universal for its fingerprint-scanning card solutions, putting them to use in ID and payment card applications.

IDEX first launched its dual-interface biometric card fingerprint sensor in June of 2017. Thanks to its polymer construction and power management system, IDEX’s sensor allows for bendable cards that can work with standard NFC terminals and don’t require batteries.

In a statement announcing the successful partnership, JINCO Universal Chairman Ted Lin said his firm “selected IDEX for its high performance, reference design and superior support which ensured that the development of our cards, with and without batteries, was achieved in record time”.

For its part, IDEX asserted in its statement that it “is working with several other major card vendors who are also combining IDEX’s fingerprint sensors and biometric modules into their smart cards,” suggesting that the company is well-positioned as the biometric cards market’s boom gears up.

(originally posted on FindBiometrics)