Imprivata Partners With DigiCert, Further Refining Patient ID Platform

Imprivata Partners With DigiCert, Further Refining Patient ID PlatformImprivata has further refined its biometric patient identification platform through a new partnership with DigiCert, a specialist in digital document verification. The companies are collaborating on Imprivata’s Confirm ID solution for Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances, or EPCS.

Confirm ID offers DEA-compliant authentication for EPCS through the use of a system called Hands Free Authentication, in which a prescribing doctor confirms their identity via a fingerprint scan on an Imprivata reader, while the Imprivata solution on desktop retrieves a One-Time Password ‘soft token’ from the doctor’s mobile device, thanks to the Imprivata app. Now, thanks to the DigiCert collaboration, the system will also feature online identity verification with the latter’s tools, which are designed to connect prescribing healthcare practitioners to the devices they use for EPCS.

Elaborating on the collaboration in a statement, Imprivata CTO Wes Wright explained that “[w]hile Imprivata delivers the end to end authentication for providers, DigiCert delivers authentication for connected devices and the networks and stations that providers connect to.” Thanks to the integration of DigiCert, Wright added, “we’re now able to offer our customers a full suite of institutional and individual identity proofing solutions.”

The partnership’s announcement comes in the wake of new legislation that will require the use of EPCS for Medicare Part D subscriptions starting in January of 2021, suggesting that Imprivata is preparing for an uptick in demand for its EPCS solutions in the coming years.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)