Ingresoll Rand Technologies To Launch Smartphone-as-Credential Technology

Bring your own device (BYOD) is quickly beginning to posture itself not only as an efficiency tool for businesses of all sizes – especially now that mobile device management solutions and smartphone biometrics are becoming more and more prolific – but also showing potential in a physical access control capacity.

Last week Suprema’s US operating partner Entertech made public its intentions to allow its BioConnect solution to transform smartphones into secure credentials once NFC begins to really integrate with mobile devices, allowing authorized physical access to secure areas via phone instead of access card. Today Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies made a similar commitment, announcing that its aptiQmobile solution will be receiving a formal launch at the ASIS Exhibition in Chicago tomorrow.

The new application of smartphone technology allows NFC enabled devices to be used as a badge, taking over all of the responsibilities once reserved for ID cards: aptiQmobile is a downloadable app for iOS and Android that can enable devices to act as a key, a card, or a mobile credential. An administrator using the paired cloud service can send a virtual credential to a user’s phone.

The solution has already been deployed in pilot programs at both the University of San Francisco and Villanova University where students found the secure transactions allowed by the mobile application to be efficient and time saving.

Speaking to the efficiency allowed by aptiQmobile, Ingersoll Rand vice president,readers and credentials, Raj Venkat had this to say: “The issuance of aptiQmobile credentials leverages our cloud-based Credential Management Services infrastructure and builds on decades of helping organizations and homeowners secure their properties with tens of millions of mechanical keys and cards.”