IntelliVision Announces Upgrade for Automotive Computer Vision Software

IntelliVision has upgraded its Advanced Driver Assistant System, an aftermarket software solution aimed primarily at dashboard camera integrations.IntelliVision Announces Upgrade for Automotive Computer Vision Software

The software is designed to use computer vision to trigger ‘Forward Collision Warnings’ (FCWs) and ‘Lane Departure Warnings’ (LDWs), while an ‘Advanced’ version of the solution offers ‘Pedestrian Collision Warnings’. Running on an Ambarella H22 camera, it can process images in HD resolution at 30 frames per second, and its algorithms can be customized to detect different kinds of lanes, depending on the needs of a given deployment.

In a statement announcing the upgraded software, IntelliVision asserted that it now offers “significantly higher detection accuracy” thanks to improved algorithms. It also emphasized the sophistication of its biometric facial recognition capability, asserting that it can detect at least ten faces in under a second using 25 percent of its CPU, and that it can recognize up to twenty faces in a single frame.

The company also suggested that its computer vision technology has already proven highly popular in the automotive sector. Vaidhi Nathan, the Cameras and Analytics VP of IntelliVision’s parent company, NSC, asserted that the Advanced Driver Assistance System has now been installed in more than two million dashcams, adding, “Dashcam makers, insurance companies and auto manufacturers are increasingly looking to IntelliVision video analytics technology to improve safety and cut costs in the aftermarket as well as in the move towards fully-autonomous vehicles.”

The upgrade’s announcement comes after IntelliVision launched a cloud version of its facial recognition technology this past summer.