IOM Access Control Tablet Compatible With Galaxy Control Systems Tech

SRI Identity‘s IOM Access Control Tablet is now compatible with Galaxy Control Systems’ access control software, the companies have announced.

ISC West: SRI IOM Access Control Tablet Now Compatible with Galaxy Control Systems Platform

(via SIR Identity/ PR PRNewswire)

The integration makes the IOM Access Control Tablet compatible with System Galaxy Access Control’s building management and security functions, letting users take advantage of the tablet’s iris recognition capability, and the ease-of-use of its Android operating system. Commenting in a statement announcing the integration, SRI’s Mark Clifton, who runs the company’s Products and Solutions Division, asserted that the integration “unlocks new opportunities for customers looking beyond today’s access control functionality to new security and operational capabilities,” adding that the solution is also aimed at being “cost-effective”.

The tablet is based on SRI’s Iris on the Move technology, which has also been licensed to Samsung for integration into its tablet products. The deal with Galaxy Control Systems, meanwhile, should further help the technology to reach a broader user base, as it will now be available through that company’s distribution network.

Both companies are showing off the integration at this week’s ISC West security conference in Las Vegas.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)