iOS Update Breaks Touch ID for Some Users

The latest iPhone update has ruined Touch ID for some users, while also trapping them in the new iOS, reports Forbes.

iOS Update Breaks Touch ID for Some UsersThe new version, iOS 10.2.1, rolled out last week. In theory, it was meant to make users more secure, offering a fix to a security bug in the previous operating system, iOS 10.2. But various reports indicate that it has ruined the functionality of the iPhone’s fingerprint scanning authentication system for a number of users, and because Apple prevents users from reverting to the previous version of an OS after upgrading, it has effectively trapped those users in a situation of considerably reduced security.

Still, a solution is undoubtedly on the way; as iPhone users know, Apple rolls out iOS updates in an endless parade. In the meantime, users affected by the Touch ID malfunction can always revert to passcode security, and for the criminals among them that is probably the better option anyway, since police can’t force them to unlock their phones.

Source: Forbes