iPhone X Copycat to Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

A new iPhone X copycat is looking to one-up Apple’s device with in-display fingerprint recognition, but the effort should probably be greeted with a healthy dose of skepticism.iPhone X Copycat to Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

For one thing, the device comes from a relatively unknown brand, Doogee, that is known for cheap devices with “low-end specs”, as The Verge reports. Nevertheless, the China-based firm has been teasing images of its Doogee V that clearly mimic the design of the most expensive smartphone on the market, the iPhone X, with a full-size display featuring a notch at the top for sensors.

Unlike that device, the Doogee V is also expected to feature a fingerprint sensor embedded within its display, a technological feat that is thought to have eluded Apple as it was preparing last year’s new iPhone devices. Depending on when it hits the market, the Doogee V could end up being only the second phone to feature in-display fingerprint recognition after Vivo became its first pioneer a few weeks ago.

While Vivo confirmed its use of cutting-edge sensor technology from Synaptics, Doogee hasn’t yet revealed the source of its in-display sensor. Nor has it revealed much else, beyond its images depicting the device’s iPhone X-inspired design. But the company is planning to host a global launch event on February 27th, where the device’s specifications should come into focus.

Source: The Verge