Latest iPhone 8 Rumor Suggests Apple May Ditch Touch ID

The rumor mill keeps on churning with respect to Apple’s next flagship iPhone, with Japanese blog Mac Otakara suggesting that the iPhone 8 won’t ship until October or November.

Latest iPhone 8 Rumor Suggests Apple May Ditch Touch IDWhile Apple traditionally goes with a September launch for its iPhones, there has been a lot of speculation that problems with integrating the Touch ID fingerprint scanning system into the device’s display has caused Apple to push back its timeline. Now, citing sources involved in accessory production and the supply chain, Mac Otakara says the iPhone 8 might not feature Touch ID at all, arguing against speculation that Apple might put Touch ID in an enlarged power button on the basis of the power button’s lack of a hole through which a fingerprint reader could operate.

There is some reason for doubt here. Earlier this summer Qualcomm announced the immediate availability of fingerprint sensor technology that could scan through glass and metal; and while there is no reason to think Apple has ordered Qualcomm components for its new iPhone, the technology at least proves it’s possible for Apple to put a fingerprint sensor into the iPhone’s power button, even if it’s solid.

It’s also worth noting that Mac Otakara’s speculative timeline lines up with predictions in a recent Rosenblatt Securities report, which said that while iPhone 8 production will indeed be delayed until late September, Apple is likely to succeed in getting Touch ID into the device’s display. And given that Sharp’s next flagship smartphone is now expected to feature in-display fingerprint scanning, Apple has more reason than ever to try to stay ahead, or at least competitive, on this front.

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