Meitu M6s Features Precise BioMatch Mobile

Precise Biometrics‘ flagship mobile algorithm software is being used to power the fingerprint scanning of the Meitu M6s smartphone, the company has announced.

Meitu M6s Features Precise BioMatch MobileIt’s not a huge surprise, given that Precise BioMatch Mobile appears to have been used in the original Meitu M6 announced this past summer. That integration came by way of Fingerprint Cards and its FPC1035 sensor, and this same sensor model has been incorporated again in the M6s.

While every mobile integration is good news for Precise Biometrics, this one pales in comparison to the bigger splash the company made this week with its announcement that it is going to acquire NexID Biometrics, a company specializing in liveness detection technology. Precise Biometrics is now moving to offer a private placement of shares in order to help fund the acquisition while it continues to pursue other business interests.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)