Melissa Launches Selfie-Based Onboarding Solution

California-based Melissa has officially launched its new selfie-based onboarding solution.Melissa Launches Selfie-Based Onboarding Solution

At its essence, the eIDV (for “Electronic ID Verification”) platform is similar to other recent selfie-based mobile authentication systems, combining document reading and facial recognition technology to remotely scan an end user’s ID document and match the face it depicts to that of the user, all through a standard smartphone camera. It’s an increasingly popular approach to digital onboarding, and the product of a partnership with Israel-based mobile biometrics specialist Scanovate, announced this past spring.

Additionally, Melissa says its solution is further enhanced with sophisticated data mining functionality, proclaiming in a statement that its “powerful entity matching capabilities consolidate diverse data sources to ensure the most accurate single customer view (SCV) and uncover hidden relationships in customer data.”

The company plans an aggressive promotional campaign for its remote onboarding and authentication solution, which will entail advertisements on CNN and Fox Business News. The company will also showcase its solution at Money20/20, where AI-driven technology is expected to be a major trend this year, with biometrics also continuing its hot streak.

Money20/20 will run from October 21st to 24th in Las Vegas, with Melissa showcasing its solution from booth 646. Saty posted to FindBiometrics for live reporting from the conference floor.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)