Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Payments, Security, Innovation

Mobile Identity Management, Biometrics, Wearable TechThe past week at Mobile ID World was about payments, security and innovation. While Samsung made friends and alienated others in some mCommerce posturing, Microsoft fully committed to the next generation of authentication. Apple is potentially branching into connected car territory in a new way and this year’s upcoming SXSW festival is already shaping up to be another hotbed for wearable tech news.

Here is a look back on this week’s top mobile identity management news.


Samsung purchased LoopPay this week in a pretty clear attempt to fight back against Apple and Alibaba in the emerging mCommerce war. The move has experts wondering if said acquisition might alienate Google though, as the major Samsung partner has already had its own mobile wallet for some time, one which it is currently attempting to bring back into the fray.

On the other side of the fence, underlining the critical nature of the above happenings, the White House announced recently during the Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection Summit that it will be supporting Apple Pay despite not exactly seeing eye to eye with Cupertino in regards to privacy.

Samsung Acquires Innovative Mobile Payment Company

White House Announces Support for Apple Pay

Samsung’s Foray into Mobile Payments Could Alienate Google


Microsoft announced this week that Windows 10 will adhere to FIDO 2.0 specifications, fully committing to strong authentication for its users. Google’s Project Zero, an initiative to weed out security flaws in IT software has drawn criticism from the company’s competitors despite noble intentions, while news broke on Friday that Gemalto’s networks were hacked by Britain’s GCHQ and the American NSA in 2010 and encryption keys had been stolen.

Speaking of vulnerabilities where you’d least expect them, a new line of connected smart toys brought us back to the hot topic of the urgent need for security and privacy standards in the Internet of Things.

Google’s Zero Tolerance Policy of Security Flaws Draws Ire of Rivals

Microsoft Embraces FIDO Standards for Windows 10

Spies Hack Gemalto Networks, Steal Encryption Keys

Smart Toys Will Chat with Children and Get to Know Them


This week Credence ID announced its newest handheld device, the CredenceOne-MRZ, which combined the company’s multimodal biometrics with secure document reader capabilities. A prototype of a mobile finger vein reader that connects to devices via USB had us wondering how long until users can expect to vascularly authenticate on the go and two rumors saw speculation as to Apple’s next moves in biometrics and connected car tech.

Meanwhile, as SXSW approaches, we saw news that  Ready Set, Rocket will be hosting a Core Conversation about wearable tech and happiness.

Apple Seems to Be Building an Electric Car

New Prototype Brings Finger Vein Security to Mobile Devices

TouchID May Soon Appear on Apple Laptops, Other Devices

New Handheld Device Allows Biometric Authentication with Smart Documents

SXSW Session Will Consider Wearables and Happiness


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