Mobile Identity Roundup: From Biometrics UnPlugged to The Apple Pay Launch

This week Mobile ID World was on location in Tampa Florida for Biometrics UnPlugged and the Global Identity Summit. Meanwhile, products were launched facilitating mobile ID management to verticals, enterprises and the hands of Apple early adopters everywhere.

The week ended with the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch, bringing biometric enabled payments to users willing to brave the massive day-one lineups at local electronics stores. In Vancouver, British Columbia, iPhone fever reached such heights that ten Mounties were deployed to manage a line that grew over 200 meters in length, containing more than 600 wannabe ApplePay users.

Secure mobile payments have been at the front of conversation all month, and  as such mCommerce held a strong presence in Tampa this week at Biometrics UnPlugged and the Global Identity Summit. At both events, Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance, was a panel member during sessions related to next generation payment security, and he has recently commented on a new step towards a passwordless world of online transactions.

On Tuesday, McDowell commented on the news that Alipay, the mobile wallet solution from Alibaba that boasts over 100 million subscribers, will be implementing secure consumer payments based on FIDO specifications.

Cross Match launched a new mobile credential and biometric reader this week called Verifier Sentry. The Android-based device has the capability to act as a standalone reader, able to authenticate a user’s identity with by matching a live scan of her fingerprint to the biometric data held on a submitted credential, but mobility and connectivity bring with them more flexibility. The reader is also able to transmit prints to a remote AFIS in order to be processed, making it ideal for scanning unknown subjects in law enforcement and border control.

Mobile biometric authentication company IdentityX (an affiliate of Daon) announced early this week that it has launched a new solution designed specifically for use with Developed in concert with one of the company’s partners, the new mobile authentication app is built on Identity X’s Infinity Platform. The app allows users to select one or more authentication factors including passwords, PINs, fingerprints, voice and facial recognition for their mobile devices. According to the company, this is a first of its kind technology.

Stay posted to Mobile ID World throughout the coming week as we continue to bring you all the most relevant mobile identity management news and continue to unpack some of the larger discussions that happened at GIS and Biometrics UnPlugged. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss a beat.