Mobile Iris Biometrics On The Rise: Delta ID

Iris recognition solutions provider Delta ID is heralding the rise of iris scanning on smartphones.

Delta ID Heralds The Rise of Iris ScanningIn a statement, the company cited survey data from Japan-based Macromill indicating that smartphone users are happy with iris scanning when the feature is available. Macromill surveyed several hundred users of iris and fingerprint scanning smartphones from Apple, Fujitsu, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony, and found that 90 percent of respondents were satisfied with iris unlock functionality, with speed and accuracy being its best advantages. The survey also found that smartphones featuring iris scanning saw 50 percent more users taking advantage of biometric unlocking, suggesting the function may be even more appealing than fingerprint scanning.

Meanwhile, just taking a look at the hardware that is emerging onto the mass market, Delta ID sees cause for optimism about iris scanning making a breakthrough. The world’s first iris scanning smartphone – powered by Delta ID biometric technology – only launched last spring, and already we’re seeing iris scanning smartphones from major companies like Microsoft and Samsung. Indeed, just today Samsung announced its Galaxy Note7, which puts iris scanning front and center as a major security component.

“We are seeing continued increase in excitement around this technology amongst all major smartphone manufacturers,” said Delta ID CEO Salil Prabhakar, adding, “we soon expect this technology to be adopted in other areas that need convenience and security such as in tablets, banking and even in cars in the future.”

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)