Natural Security Alliance Announces First Member Meeting

Early this morning the Natural Security Alliance – global community dedicated to accelerating the adoption and ongoing development of Natural Security Technology based solutions – announced that its first ever members meeting will be taking place June 5th, 2014 in Paris, France. Along with the announcement came the itinerary for the day long event.

An update of the European Union’s position on data protection, linked to the use of biometrics will be provided by Thiébaut Devergranne. After, ID3’s Jean-Louis Revol will be providing feedback on a consumer biometrics deployment. Revol will go on to describe advantages of such a system as well as the obstacles present in such a deployments, offering insight.

A presentation from Alain Louis from Elitt and Paycert’s Ludovic Verecque will focus on the critical topic of evaluation and certification in the payment industry. The two will illustrate the process of certification and evaluation, showing how these will contribute to building the necessary trust policies on interoperability.

User experience has been a major topic in mCommerce, and a focal point of May here at Mobile ID World. It looks like Natural Security agrees. A talk with design specialist Helene Cosenza from Axance, is scheduled to shed light on user experience not just in banking, but is other domains.

Representing Innovate Identity, Emma Lindley will present on the topic of identity from the consumer perspective and current challenges associated with existing identity models.

The Natural Security Alliance’s CTO Joël Chevillard will then have the floor to share his vision of mobile platforms, security and convenience, as well as the different components of the Natural Security standard. Chevillard’s presentation will include a look at the Natural Security roadmap, implementation, security, BLE and more. This will also include a discussion of use cases of the Alliance’s standard by Pierre Antonio, head of Natural Security’s marketing advisory committee.

Finally, the meeting will conclude with a presentation on authentication issues and specificities of the US market. The closing presentation will be given by Frazier Evans and will focus on PIV, credentials and deployment.

The Natural Security Alliance encourages anyone interested in attending this meeting to contact them through the organization’s official website.