NEC Launches Comprehensive Telehealth Platform

NEC Corporation of AmericaNEC Launches Comprehensive Telehealth Platform (NEC) has announced a new enterprise-based telehealth platform. Called Telecare, the enterprise-focused platform aims to use smart technology in a scalable end-to-end telehealth system that improves workflow and patient access while simplify the delivery of healthcare.

It’s the product of a partnership with CareClix, whose cloud-based software solution has been integrated into NEC’s considerable enterprise healthcare communications portfolio. In a statement announcing Telecare, CareClix co-founder Sunil Budhurani explained that the partnership would allow his company’s technology to reach more providers and patients, noting that “NEC’s market dominance in IT Communications and Networking both in the United States and Global Markets will only expand CareClix Telemedicine’s unique, integrated model of Telehealth delivery.” Meanwhile, NEC VP Larry Levenberg emphasized the benefits that the platform has to offer to healthcare organizations, asserting that they “now have all the components necessary to implement a successful, revenue generating telehealth program.”

That could prove appealing in America’s healthcare market and the many others in which rising costs are pushing providers towards technology solutions to improve efficiency, particularly in administration. Many healthcare organizations are now adopting technologies like digital prescription systems and remote imaging platforms in an effort to streamline operations, and Telecare could provide another important tool in this area.