Next Motorola Device Will Probably Have a Fingerprint Sensor

Next Motorola Device Will Probably Have a Fingerprint SensorMotorola’s next flagship smartphone will probably feature a fingerprint sensor, considering leaked images and comments from a top executive.

Yuanqing Yang, the CEO of parent company Lenovo, recently tweeted about having visited Motorola research facilities including a “fingerprint sensor lab”. Meanwhile, Android Authority posted images that are said to depict the forthcoming Moto X smartphone, and the device seems to include a section meant for a fingerprint sensor.

The timing is certainly right for it. Fingerprint biometrics technology is increasingly finding its way onto smartphones, with some market analysts predicting it will be universal by the year 2020. So Motorola may want to get ahead of that curve and stay technologically competitive as it tries to reinvent itself following its acquisition by Lenovo.

There’s also the rise of the major mPayment platforms, all of which rely on biometric authentication to authorize transactions. And the new Android M operating system is going to feature native fingerprint sensor capabilities via API, which will further drive up demand for such hardware as third party developers seek to take advantage of it with apps and the like.

With all this in mind, it’s actually harder to think of reasons why Motorola wouldn’t integrate fingerprint sensors in its next flagship device. So it won’t be a surprise if and when the Moto X comes equipped with one.

Source: International Business Times