Nonprofit Donation Platform Adds Apple Pay Support

Apple Pay is set to further boost charitable giving this season with its integration into Causemo, a platform designed to help nonprofit organizations acquire new donors and maintain their relationships with them.Nonprofit Donation Platform Adds Apple Pay Support

The move could help to further encourage charitable donations with improved ease of use. iPhone users can now make donations through Causemo with a simple fingerprint scan, since Apple Pay automatically retains their payment and billing information. On a desktop, a users can click Apple Pay as the payment option via the Safari browser, using Touch ID biometric authentication on their paired devices to finalize their payments.

The integration comes after Apple’s announcement last month that it Apple Pay was being enabled for a number of nonprofits such as the American Red Cross and UNICEF. At the time, Apple Pay head Jennifer Bailey asserted that websites and apps embracing Apple Pay were seeing substantial jumps in completed transactions, so the hope was that this could lead to more charitable donations, too.

As Causemo CEO Jeff Habib explained in a statement announcing the Apple Pay integration, with online merchants having reported “an increase in checkout conversion rate of up to double on mobile, as well as being able to check out up to 60 percent faster with Apple Pay, we worked very hard to integrate this new technology into our platform as soon as it became available.” Hopefully that will be a boon to Causemo’s nonprofit partners and the causes they support.