Nuance Expands DAX Platform to Support Telehealth

Nuance Expands DAX Platform to Support Telehealth

Nuance Communications has expanded the utility of the Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) platform to support telehealth applications in response to COVID-19. The clinical records solution is now compatible with any telehealth platform, a move that reflects the emphasis on virtual appointments during the pandemic.

DAX is an ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) platform that uses speech recognition to automatically capture conversations between a doctor and a patient. The solution was released back in February to streamline the record keeping process for medical professionals.

With the latest update, doctors will have access to the same DAX features when seeing patients remotely that they do when providing in-person care. The DAX system can run off of a smartphone, so doctors do not need to spend any time learning new technology to take advantage of the platform.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the ‘fast-forward’ button on telehealth, creating an opportunity for providers to engage with patients no matter what they’re facing, and no matter where they are,” said Triangle Region EmergeOrtho Medical Director Dr. William Silver.

According to Nuance, DAX can be used to train and onboard new physicians in addition to facilitating patient care. The company noted that telehealth visits have skyrocketed as people have become more aware of the public health risks associated with COVID-19, with Forrester Research predicting that the number of such visits will reach 1 billion in the US alone in 2020. Only 10 percent of consumers availed themselves of telehealth services in 2019. 

“Making it easier to document patient care from virtually anywhere has been our mission for decades, and it’s even more important today,” said Nuance CTO Joe Petro. “Accelerating innovation is essential to meet demand as we eventually reach a new normal.”

Nuance has already released a free COVID-19 template to help medical professionals with patient intake during the pandemic. The company is currently working with the American Medical Association to develop solutions that use DAX to reduce burnout in the healthcare industry.